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The first in Malaysia: Specialty coffee processing facility dedicated to Liberica species. [FROM SEED TO CUP GRAND TOUR] A Unique In-Depth Tour Experience, guiding participants to experience the wonders of local coffee of Johor, Malaysia.

The Wonders of MyLiberica

Camping Gears Rental & Camping Advice Services: Economise your pocket money and save your home space. We support the idea of Sharing Economy: Less pollution, Less waste and more human

interaction. Let’s start your camping experience journey with peace of mind!

Segar Amat, Segamat

‘Segar Amat’ translated from the Malay word, as ‘very fresh’.Let go and discover the ‘very fresh’ moment. Approach the natural wondering moment: Sea cloud, sunrise, sunset, and stargazing. Try out the local foods and local produces and meet the kind-hearted villagers, with a strong human touch to spenda happy journey with you.

Discover Old & Modern, Muar

The renovated town combined new elements to show the old and new appearance Step into old street, the murals telling you the story of the past. Enjoy local food hunting, and discover the ‘new’ of the town and try out different DIY activities.

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