Here are some common questions about us.


Q: How to make a booking?

A: You can a booking through our hotline number at +6075620030, WhatsApp +60197290170, Facebook Messenger, email and through our official website.


Q: How far in advance should I book my transfer services?

A: You can book any time before the pickup time.

Q: When should I receive the driver’s contact details?

A: You will receive the driver contact details link by SMS around 9PM, one day before your trip departure.

Q: How long in advance can I revise my travel schedule?

A: You can make changes within 24 hours before your actual pick up time, however the it will still depend on car availability.

Q: When crossing the borders in Singapore and Malaysia should I get off the taxi?

A: No. Normally for car entering Singapore and Malaysia, passenger can stay inside the car for custom clearance unless if the custom officer needs a further checkup.

Q: What is the best departing time on the weekday and weekend from Singapore and back from Johor Bahru?

A: The best timing to go in weekdays is during 10AM-3PM. On weekend we suggest to go early morning 7AM.

Q: Do you charge extra if my flight is delayed?

A: There will be no extra charges if the flight is delayed if you already in boarding and delayed to a later timing, we will reschedule for the pickup according to the latest flight time arrival. If you know the latest flight timing a day before, kindly update us.

Q: How can the driver find me at the airport?

A: If your phone doesn’t have roaming in Singapore, you can request for a meet and greet service whereby the driver will be waiting for you at arrival hall holding your name sign. But there will be extra charge RM10.

Q: Is baby seat required/mandatory for the journey?

A: Baby seat is required for baby safety. If you need any baby seat you can request earlier on your booking (depends on availability).


Q: What document should I presented upon pick-up my rental car?

A: You need to bring along your ID, valid driver license (who ever will drive the car) to proceed with your booking.

Q: How can I choose the best option for my car rental booking?

A:  Usually customer will rent a car depends on how big the size of passenger. You may call to our hotline number and seek advice from our customer service.

Q: Can I return the car to a different location?

A: You need to drop the car at the location where you collect the car which is at our office at Eko Perniagaan.

Q: Late returns, Fines and other fees

A: If you late return there will be extra charge on that. The rate usually counts per day usage and if you get fines and have other fees such as toll feels, fuel fees while you using our car rental, all will be bare by customer.

Q: What if I receive a parking ticket / summons?

A: If you receive any parking ticket and summons while using our car, all the fines will be on your own responsibility. AJ won’t take responsible for any summons that cause by customer. The RM300 deposit will be deduct if you have any summon, if summon is more than RM300, we will inform to customer.

Q: Can the rental vehicle be driven to Singapore?

A: No, all car rental is only can be driven within Malaysia.


Q: Who does the driving?

A: we arrange our driver to drive. Just sit back and enjoy your carpool ride.

Q: Where is your car pool area and scope?

A: We only cover JB to Singapore car pool.

Q: Which route is the most convenient?

A: For some individuals, local streets are the way to go. Yet for others, the freeway may be the best option. In this case, we will arrange the location which easy for driver to go in 1 route.

Q: Where will the pick-up location be? What about drop-off?

A: Carpools always work best when your pick-up zones are in close proximity. If for some reason your pick-up locations aren’t nearby, consider meeting at a public.

Q: How may I recognize my driver?

A: We will send you the driver details complete by SMS log link a day before your pick-up time. So, there will be no issue for you to find your driver.

Q: How to pay you?

A: We do not accept cash, TNG e-wallet and bank transfers


Q: How can I get a quote?

A:  To obtain further assistance, you may contact our hotline at +6075620030 or reach us via WhatsApp at +60197290170.

Q: Does your chartered car service include a driver and a tour guide?

A: Our chartered car service includes driver service only. If you require a tour guide, we would be happy to arrange one for you with an additional fee applied for the requested service.

Q: Maximum how many hours of chartered service usage are allowed per day?

A: We allow a maximum of 10 hours of service usage per day so that our drivers can get adequate rest, this is to ensure your safety and provide you with an optimal travel experience. An additional fee will be charged if the usage exceeds 10 hours.

Q: Are your drivers are fluent in English or Chinese?

A: Our drivers can speak Basic English, but enough for basic communication. We have Chinese-speaking drivers, but they are available on request and subject to availability.

Q: May I know what is the available payment methods?

A: We offer various payment options, including debit/credit card, bank account transfer, and e-wallet.

Q: Do you also provide assistance with booking accommodations, attraction tickets, and other services in addition to your chartered car offerings?

A: Yes, if you need other travel-related services, please contact us.


Q: How do you disinfect your car?

A: We use sterilizers and sterilized water to disinfect our car every time the customer leaved our car.

Q: Can you tell us what is your company's standard operating procedures are?

A: The driver will use the temperature to measure the body temperature of each passenger. Each customer needs to scan the code of Mysejahtera and disinfect the hand sanitizer before getting on our vehicle. Of course, each passenger needs to wear a mask.

Q: What is your driver standard operating procedures?

A: The driver must measure the temperature, wearing mask and follow the SOP applied by Ministry of Health

Q: Do you have masks and disinfectants in your car for customers?

A: Yes, customers can take it from our driver.

Q: I want to book your car to attend a meeting, how to apply for interstate travel?

A: You only need to give us your company letter and IC or Passport. We will help you apply for the approval letter from the police station a day before departure.

Q: I need to book a transfer to the airport and need to cross the state. how to apply?

A: You only need to give me your ticket and IC or passport, and we will help you apply for the approval letter from the police station a day before departure.

Q: I want to book a ride from you for special issues/emergency purpose and required to cross state, how do I apply?

A: You must go to the nearest police station to apply for your interstate reason, and then send us your application letter. We will then apply for another interstate approval letter.

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