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10 Years Experience

We have rented tents for 10 years. The reason why we know which tents are more reliable is because of the accumulation of 10 years of experience.

Valuable Opinion from Merchants

Merchants can basically tell what you need to bring by where you go.

For novices who are camping for the first time, it is not that the more equipment, the better.

Delivered to Your Door

The Genesis tent rental service in Johor can also be delivered to your door. We demonstrated how to build and design a tent on the spot.

Luxurious or Economical

Just like renting a car, you can rent a luxurious one or an economical one. The tent is the same. You can choose to rent a large one or a small one. You can choose according to your needs. If you buy it, there is no possibility of choice.

Cleaning Up Hassle Free

If the equipment is rented, it is much more worry-free, and the cleaning, repair and storage can be handed over to the merchant to handle.

Complete One Stop Service

Our one-stop service is complete, and there are also rentals of various utensils such as canopy poles, carpets, water kettles, sleeping bags, fans, lights, cooking utensils, singing horns and so on.


For outdoor camping, would you like to rent a tent or buy one?

Renting or buying is a headache for many people.  There is no standard answer. We will provide two types of mainstream views for your reference.

Category 1

Tents are not used frequently. Although tents that can meet ordinary needs are not expensive on the market, many people want to go camping on a whim. Buying their own tents is a bit wasteful. Most of them are thrown in the warehouse once they are used.

Category 2

Depending on the specific situation, if you are an outdoor sports enthusiast and often have this kind of camping needs, it is definitely better to buy one. It is useful and convenient for yourself, and you can use it many times.


The vast majority of people choose the second category and will buy it by themselves. They have been engaged in renting and selling tents for so many years. Most people who have seen that 80% of the tents they bought back are only used once. Most tents cannot be used in the wild, such as camels, automatic tents, and hand-thrown tents. These are all park tents that can’t stand the wind and rain.


(To Rent? To Buy?)

What is the Myth of camping?

Many people think that camping means that they have to buy their own tents and various utensils before they can go camping. In fact, it’s not like that! Therefore, our Genesis Travel Johor rental tent service solves the rental services of single tents, double tents and multi-person tents to meet your busy life.

Why we do not suggest buying your own cheap tent?

Let’s make a deduction:

——I will fall in love with camping, and I will go camping often in the future!

——It’s not expensive, okay, I’m going to buy it! With so many tents, which one to buy?

——This is cheap, not bad! This is amazing and too expensive!

——It looks the same. Those cheap introductions are all very well written, and they don’t look very bad. They are portable and windproof and rainproof!

——Yes, I’m not climbing snow-capped mountains either, just buy a cheap one! —— Taobao sorts by price and sales volume, let’s go!

A camping trip full of expectation, but in the end, what accompanies you is a tent that can’t stand the wind and rain. When you go to the mountains, you will lie down and nest as soon as the wind blows!

It’s cheap to buy, expensive to use, a waste of time, a waste of experience, and a waste of the possibility of falling in love with the outdoors.

Should I buy expensive tents directly?

If you are not sure about the frequency of camping and you are not sure that you know tents, buying them back is impulsive consumption.

Who should choose to rent a tent?

For those who camp for the first time or occasionally, of course, they should choose to rent a tent.

Is renting a tent not hygienic?

Just like if you go to a hotel, you also rent it. If you can accept a hotel, you must be able to accept renting a tent. If the rented sleeping bag is washed every time, it will definitely be cleaner than the hotel quilt, because the hotel quilt only washes the surface quilt, and the sleeping bag is washed as a whole.

What cleaning problem I might face if I choose to buy a tent?

Everyone who has camped knows that every time they come back, they will be equipped to clean up. When the weather is good, the tents should be exposed to dew and the sleeping bags should be cleaned. When the weather is bad, the equipment that is carried back, the mud and sand are all down, and the tents can only be washed by hand. If the equipment is rented, it is much more worry-free, and the cleaning, repair and storage can be handed over to the merchant to handle.

Camping Equipment


(From Singapore to Campsite)

  • Singapore to Arena Sepang Resort, Pengerang
  • Singapore TO Teluk Gorek Chalet & Campsite – Mersing
  • Singapore to Paksu Chalet & Camp Site, Mersing
  • Singapore to Tiger Basecamp-Sedili Kota Tinggi
  • Singapore to Nelayan Beach Resort Sungai Musoh
  • Singapore to Koko Kabana TSP – Endau
  • Singapore to Xiao Cai Durian Farm – Johor Machap
  • Singapore to Koref Desaru Leisure Farm – Desaru
  • Singapore to Sabak Awor Resort Sabak Awor Resort – Muar
  • Singapore to Muo Resort – Muar
  • Singapore to Uncle Tan Orchard Stingless Bee Farm – Pontian
  • Singapore to Endau Rompin National Park
  • Singapore to Labis Sunrise Farm, Segamat

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