Tourist Attractions in Malaysia
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Tourist Attractions in Kelantan

Kota Bharu Bachok Kuala Krai
Padang Merdeka
Islamic Museum
Tengku Anis Orchid Park
Langgar Mosque
River Cruise from Kota Bharu to Kampung Laut
Pantai Cahaya Bulan (Beach of Moonlight)
Pantai Sabak Fishing Village
Pantai Melawi (Melawi Beach)
Pantai Irama (Irama Beach)
Kusial Bridge
Gunung Ayam (Mount Ayam)
Lata Rek Waterfalls
Pasir Puteh Tumpat Gua Musang
Pantai Bisikan Bayu (Beach of Whispering Winds)
Jeram Lenang Waterfalls
Jeram Pasu Waterfalls
Tok Janggut's Tomb
Pantai Seri Tujuh (Beach of Seven Lagoons)
Gunung Rabong (Mount Rabong)
Gunung Chamah (Mount Chamah)
Ethnobotany Camp
Lojing Highlands
Gunung Reng
Lake Pergau
Jeli Hot Springs

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